This is the self-proclaimed liberal newspaper of record. Would make Fox News blush.


Are you fucking joking, The shit thsat’s going on in Ferguson aint going to stop until the truth comes out, Darren Wilson, is a fucking murderer, How many times is it going to take for fucking people to get it through their fucking heads, He is a guilty man, He’s a coward, And he’s a murderer, He’s getting money from gofundme from racist people all around the fucking world, And so far he’s gotten more than the M.Brown gofundme page, Which is fucking disgusting. There was COUNTLESS people who saw the scene of when M.Brown was shot SIX times, He was on the ground and Darren shot him six fucking times, How sick is that, He didn’t steal anything, he was innocent, And people are still going to ignore the true story because it’s coming from a black, Because blacks are going to lie to you,  Seriously?, Fucking grow up, I’m sick of constantly hearing about this shit, All because some cowardly white man won’t fucking speak up and won’t turn himself in, And you know what?, He can rot in hell, He will sooner or later turn up dead in a ditch, and everyone’s going to be like “oh he was such a good man crycry” No he was a murderer, He fucking deserved it